About Us

Every story has a beginning and ours starts in 2010.  At that time Martin Ponce had several years experience as an edging manager for large wholesale labs. In the midst of edging common frames, he began to specialize in creating extraordinary finished products. This became his passion. He worked with manufacturers of edging equipment to test the levels of their technology. He experimented with and practiced techniques that had long since been forgotten. While he honed his skills he began to teach others. Rimless drill mount frames were very popular at the time and Martin took pride in the quality of drilled lenses his department produced.

As he perfected his craft, he began to think about creating an environment different than that found in wholesale labs. With this in mind, Drill Specialty Corp was formed. Joining Martin were his former students, now confident in skills of their own. Over the years the business has expanded to work with frames of every style and material. The combination of Rx, decentration and frame characteristics are examined before every pair of lenses is started. Base curve, edge thickness and lens material are optimized for both cosmetic appeal and optical excellence. Frames, new and old, are treated with the utmost care.

We invite you to experience all that Drill Specialty Corp has to offer your business and your patients. It is our goal to provide you with finished products you’re thrilled to dispense.