How we can help you

If you do not have lens finishing in your business, we’re here for you. Our recommended level of service includes Drill Specialty Corp supplying your stock or surfaced lenses and fabricating a complete pair of eyewear that will “wow” your clients.

If you traditionally finish lenses at your business, you may be nervous edging products with higher invoice costs. Let us take this on and eliminate the chance of error and financial exposure.

If your business carries frames you consider to be difficult to edge, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in finishing lenses into challenging frames. We have been known to finish Rx lenses into frames that were once thought to only be suitable for plano lenses. With difficult prescriptions we’re always happy to analyze frame and Rx combinations before starting jobs to let you know the results you can expect. Recommending lens materials and finishing options is another service we provide.

Please note that while we are accustomed to supplying you with both lenses and edging, we are open to edging lenses you have sourced yourself.  You can either enclose them with the frame or have them drop-shipped from the laboratory of your choice. When choosing this option we ask that you understand that we are starting with products where we did not have the opportunity to specify base curve and thickness and this may effect the cosmetic appearance and optical performance of the finished eyewear. We treat your enclosed lenses with the greatest of care but we cannot be responsible for lenses supplied by sources other than Drill Specialty Corp.